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Iphone 7plus introduced the new features i.e. Portrait mode,it comes in the camera section. Allow to take snaps at low light also. let’s get down at every features of iPhone as portrait mode. Some feature’s provided by iPhone Technical Support expert.

In portrait mode, the camera measures the distance between the object and the focus, and creates the death map. The death map gives the quality picture not a blur one . But certain limitations are there,means you cannot zoom in, nor you can opt HDR,flash ,etc.

Now, we will see how the workin of iPhone in portrait mode. It’s very easy to operate,but even though we will guide step by step. The descriptions are mentioned below.

  • First, enable portrait mode in the iPhone,for that open your iPhone camera and there you will find an option of portrait mode,tap on that, a screen will appear showing try the beta,click on that and then you can easily access the portrait mode in iPhone.
  • Next part is taking the shot,focus the camera on the object, do remember the distance should be within 8 feet between your camera and the object.
  • Once the alingment is done, Depth Effect will appear on the bottom of the iPhone screen. When you see this icon,it means you are ready to take shot at anytime.

In the night mode, its quite harder to get the high quality image in portrait mode, but you can get the good quality image. Line up your shot and get ready to take snap even if the Depth Effect don’t appear.

Iphone introduced the portrait mode to the ios camera. The advantage is it can take a high quality image even if a background is blurred. Portrait mode is available on the iPhone 7 plus. The larger the gap between the object and the background, more will be depth effect

this is the key feature of the portrait mode in iPhone.


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