Are you ready for a unique challenge that will push your skills to the max? Here is the challenge, create a sustainable Facebook page that grows every month and has a minimum of 100 active participants a month. This will be your community for your Mlm marketing. However, you cannot buy followers, likes, shares and have a minimum of 1000 people following Facebook within six months. If you have achieved this goal, then you know how hard it is to run a successful business page on Facebook? If you have not, then you have some major work ahead of you. Feel free to change the number following and the growth rate, as long as it remains challenging. For those who want a Facebook page that is successful, there are some tricks of the trade that will help.

Facebook Page Building 101

One of the biggest steps for any Mlm marketing owner is to create value on their pages. It doesn’t matter what page it is, because readers want something for their time. You can create this value through the right mixture of content for Facebook. While FB does like its videos there are other graphical arts and textual content that is still desirable for many people. By creating a mix of such content, the drawing power of your content is much stronger. This means that you’re not limiting your potential to attract a certain kind of prospect.


What can you do besides offer content in various forms to attract new followers? Besides posting videos, links to blogs, offering downloads, and creating attractive action buttons that will zoom your visitors to your website. You can run competitions, allow your team to share their victories to your page and much more. Follower content from responses to photos and more are valuable tools for your business. If you decide to build your email marketing up, you could run a special offer to help boost conversion rates. With anything else, you will need to promote the idea across your channels. Interaction is key to building relationships and followers on Facebook. Spending time and responding to your followers will strengthen your brand and authority, don’t be afraid to like some of their comments or shares.

Post regularly on Facebook, mix in videos pictures, offer a webinar and even a drawing to win a gift card. Appreciation competitions work very well, when your giving away something cool and useful. You have to know your prospects in order for this to work effectively, a hour one web conference with you may not go so hot, if your not relatable and your content is not liked well.


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