Successful mobile apps have made a significant contribution towards business growth! 2017 was the year when businesses from different industries started realizing the effectiveness of app development. App development no longer remains an optional investment; instead, mobile app development is a necessity.

Mobile app development offers the best way to meet the requirements of the customers and get closer to them. Mobile apps also support to increase sales and create brand awareness. Mobile app development is the actively growing sector and this can be determined from the survey report that states, over 250 billion apps were downloaded in 2017.

Smartphones are the tech devices that have great importance in our day-to-day lives. In comparison to other platforms, Android powers the largest number of Smartphones. With the advancements in technology, Mobile Apps are developed as per the trending market requirements with innovative features.

Google apps, lifestyle, Social Media as well as gaming apps have dominated the mobile application market. Mobile application development is the best way to increase customer engagement, branding, direct marketing, etc, for which businesses from diverse industries embrace it. Android App Development will continue to flourish for many years to come!

These statistics determine the increase of Android App available in the Google Play Store from December 2009 to July 2015. With the hike in demand for Android applications, app developers develop apps with advanced tech specifications.

Today, we come up with the top 10 Android App Development trends to watch out for in 2018. You need to stay updated and aware about the market trends that will determine the mobile application development future!

Android App Development trends that must be considered by the developers

1. Android Instant Apps

Instant apps or native apps work like websites. Such apps are convenient and easily attract a maximum number of users. Instant apps eliminate the need for installing an app which removes the barrier between the web and app. These apps run flexibly on the Android versions and can easily be shared.

2. Internet of Things- IoT and the Wearable Apps

Technical advancements boosted the idea of creating a smart environment. The Internet of Things- IoT and Wearable Apps have been recognized in multiple industries and emerged as the mainstream in the year 2017. Sectors like Smart home, Industrial IoT, Smart health, automotive industry, and Smart Retail have a great contribution in turning it as the mainstream and will continue in the coming years.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an upcoming trend. AMP is a great app trend and is in high demand. The mobile pages load faster across the wide range of devices and this is what every mobile app developer aims for! Bounce rates also reduce increasing the visitor retention rate. AMP enhances user experience with the improved app performance.

4. App Security

The immense amount of data kept in the app increases the need for app security. Mobile applications easily get approved on Android, but for the increasing demand for safety, the app developers give high attention to app security. The mobile applications with in-built security features make a difference in the app platform. Developers have started adopting reliable platforms for ensuring better User Experience and security features that will get carried to the future!

5. Artificial Intelligence in app development

Artificial Intelligence or AI is exhibited by the machines instead of humans. Mobile world and app development industry, both are greatly affected by the unexpected rise of AI. The applications have become intelligent and help in learning varying user preferences. Cybersecurity, virtual personal assistant, intelligent apps, IoT, etc are moving their way towards AI.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain successfully gathered high attention within less time in comparison to any other latest technology! The Blockchain app is a shared and unalterable ledger that records information of the company listed as blocks. It offers a compelling way to put your competitors aside.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality-VR redefines the digital world and Augmented Reality is an icing on the digital cake. Both VR and AR have taken up the gaming and entertainment industry. AR and VR hold a major part in the growth trends of businesses and consumers.

8. The Enterprise Apps and BYOD

The Enterprise apps and Bring Your Own Device-BYOD to have the ability to run within the apps. These are mobile websites and it reduces the cost of development and also increases the speed of the app development process. This trend has been embraced by organizations.

9. Cloud Technology

Integrating cloud technology with the app development strategy ensures to improve the overall performance of the mobile apps. Reduction in hosting, streamlined operations, equipment costs, enhancement of app storage capacity, improved productivity and increased collaboration are some of the benefits of this technology.

10. Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis is the latest trend that is already being implemented by the tech giants of the industry including Google. This trend helps to predict the future results which are done with the integration of AI and Machine Learning. Business’s future analysis can be calculated with consideration of market outputs and current data.



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